Honoring the Legacy, Inspiring the Future
Donation for Youth Programs
Empowering Tomorrow's Aviators
Invest in the future of aviation by supporting our tailored youth programs. Your contribution fuels educational initiatives like drone piloting lessons, pilot’s license programs, airplane mechanic familiarization, rocketry workshops, and offers free airplane rides. Help us inspire the future generation of aerospace enthusiasts.
ACE Academy
Donation for P-39 Airacobra Recovery
Preserving History, Restoring Valor

Join us in the recovery efforts for the iconic P-39 Airacobra. Your donation directly contributes to the restoration and preservation of this historic aircraft, ensuring its place in the annals of aviation history and honoring the brave pilots who flew these machines.

Allison V12 V-1710 Engine
Donation for Building Program
Building Dreams, Sustaining Heritage
Our commitment extends beyond preserving history; it involves creating a physical space that nurtures learning and inspires generations. Contribute to our building program, ensuring the museum stands as a beacon for education and heritage for years to come.
Chappie James, Sr.
P-51 Mustang

Support the preservation of aviation history by donating towards the acquisition of a P-51 Mustang, an iconic symbol of courage and innovation in flight. Every contribution brings us closer to securing this legendary aircraft for future generations to admire and enjoy. Click the donation button to make a difference in preserving this piece of our heritage. Thank you for your support!

P-51 Mustang
Join Us in Preserving History and Shaping Futures
Support the Tuskegee Airmen National Historical Museum

Your contribution, no matter the size, plays a crucial role in preserving the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen and empowering the dreams of future aviators. By donating to our cause, you become a part of a legacy that transcends time, ensuring that the valor and achievements of these remarkable individuals continue to inspire generations to come. Join us in preserving history and shaping the future of aviation education.

Every donation matters and makes a difference. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.